Disaster and Disability Consultants LLC., started in March of 2006 was established to provide emergency preparedness and response assistance to enhance opportunities for people living with disabilities. We are a full service organization that has been established to help businesses and municipalities in their emergency planning and crisis management efforts with plans that are inclusive of all people!

Does your organization have a current security, emergency or crisis management program? Have you made sure to include for the needs of everyone in your plans? When was the last time you test your plans out? Give Disaster and Disability Consultants, LLC a call and let us put our years of experience to work for you.

What makes us different than the competition? We are a company comprised of people living with disabilities, so we put our personal experiences in real life situations to work for your organization to help you develop and execute better emergency and crisis plans. We use actual people living with disabilities in every drill that we conduct so you get real results!

To reach us:

Email: NSSicora@aol.com or Disasterndisabilityconsultants@gmail.com

Phone: Office (732) 297-9050 or (919) 667-7334

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